November 20, 2013

QUICK NOTE // I just talked with my new cut-and-sew shop, and the Winter Jenny and that famous wrap-cardigan-dress are slated to be out of production this weekend (squee!). Make sure you're signed up on the mailing list to get first dibs.

November is almost over. You wouldn’t know it by my “online life” but November has been one helluva month for

  • I vowed to stop cutting and sewing. (So far, I’ve stuck to it.)
  • I started working with a husband-and-wife team near Denver, and we’re in the very early stages of our production relationship. (So far, it's going well!)
  • And now? I’m mostly sold out of all styles (except Versalettes and leggings!) and have had almost a month to work like mad on back-end projects. Things you don’t see. Things you’ll never see.

I kind of wish you could -- because as I chip away at my to do list (boring-yet-crucial stuff like setting up production management systems and sourcing bulk fabrics and launching an affiliate program) it feels like things are moving.

Now that I’m sworn off cutting and sewing, I feel legit progress.

I've been wishing I could share that with you. I’ve been wishing that production were moving faster, so I’d have “something to show” for all of these early mornings and late nights. I’ve been wishing I were working on something more… glamorous.

But November is almost over, and you know what?

I kicked ass this month.

I didn’t launch much, I didn’t get the next vote up-and-running, and I didn’t send out as many of my rad emails as I’d hoped.

I did, however, get a some warm-weather pieces for 2014 designed -- and (almost) ready for your votes.

I also launched an affiliate program for bloggers who’d like to share with their audiences and make a little cash, too.

The website got a little update. So did this blog. I’m re-stocking grey + denim leggings, the 5-ways Maxi, and the Jenny Dress. I finalized a label and hangtag, once and for all. And the team has grown to include an apprentice MBA student, Lexx, and our lovely intern, Sophia.

I can’t wait for the next few weeks when voting and product launches pick up pace again. (I really can’t wait!) But in the Thanksgiving spirit -- I’m grateful for this number-crunching, non-glam, low-key month of November.

Thanks for sticking around.



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