What I'm doing for the next year.

January 02, 2014

I took a week off over the holidays, and headed to the Bahamas with my family. I mostly lived in the Basic Maxi (it'll be back this spring, don't worry!) and spent zero time working, or thinking about work...


All that's changed now that I'm back.

Its GO TIME! Here are some things you'll be seeing from Seamly.co in the coming months:
  • Eco-fashion tips + thoughts in my weekly Elephant Journal article.
  • More style + how-to posts here on the Seamly.co blog and newsletter.
  • Seamly Sundays. I'll let you see for yourself in the first edition, heading to your inbox on January 11th.
  • Collaborations with other responsibly made, USA apparel and accessory companies. (CAN'T WAIT.)
  • A re-launch of the nearly-sold-out Wrapped Cardigan! It'll be back in dark grey, navy, and purple.
  • Diverse model sizes for our product shots.

There's a slew of goods in the production pipeline right now. It'll be quiet around here for these first few months, but spring and summer goods will be rolling out soon.



  • Since plum and grey cardigans sold out pretty quickly, there are some solid dark grey, navy, and purple cardigans in the pipeline as we speak! There should be some additions to the shop site in the next week.Reversible Raglan Seamly.co 
  • I've approved the final sample of the Reversible Raglan! It's a tad longer and we've been working on how to make the "reversible" thing look really killer. Right now, a company in NYC has the patterns and is grading it into sizes. As soon as we get the patterns back, production will begin.
  • There's a surprise coming out in February!
  • The t-shirt will be coming up in the next few months, too. (I'm hoping February or March!)
Anything else you'd like to see from Seamly.co this year?!?
Leave a comment and I'll see what I can do! It's going to be a good one.



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