BRANDL♡VE = Sword & Plough

January 28, 2014

BRANDL♡VE is a new monthly feature, where we collaborate with sustainable, USA-made apparel + accessory brands to create awareness, community, and support around our shared mission. Each month, we'll share the story of a new brand, and showcase some of their products alongside our own. Enjoy!



January's feature is a company I've been OBSESSING over since they launched an insanely successful Kickstarter last May. Sword & Plough raised over $300,000 to launch a line of totes and bags (that are anything but). I met co-founders Emily and Betsy Nunez a few weeks ago, and am so completely overjoyed to share their products + purpose with you. Because, as I mentioned, I'm obsessed.


Here's why.

(Quotes pulled from their shop page on the TOMS Marketplace.) Betsy: "Our bags are made from surplus tents, sleeping bag covers and laundry bags, that would otherwise end up in landfills. We expect to upcycle 30,000 pounds of material in 2013." Emily: "On the human side, our manufacturer provides jobs to veterans, and we donate 10% of our annual profits to veteran initiatives." And from their website: "The Nunez sisters wanted to create something that would emotionally and physically touch civilians in their everyday lives and remind them, in a beautiful way, of the challenges our country and servicemen face, and the power that every person has to help."


Sword & Plough represents, for me, everything that a company should be. Stellar design, responsible materials, local and meaningful production, and an overall story that inspires customers to care, and share, and spread good.

And really, I think that's what it's all about. Creating something beautiful that matters. Lauren (the lovely lady you see here) and I linked up last week for a style shoot to feature Sword & Plough's Signature Tote + the Winter Jenny dress. (You'll see the full shoot of the Winter Jenny dress in tomorrow's how-to style feature!) 1 DSC_7506246DSC_7709 You can browse Sword & Plough goods here. Totes and rucksacks are available for pre-order via their website, or direct purchase via the TOMS Marketplace.  I highly recommend hanging out with them on Facebook and Instagram, too - @swordnplough. Huge thanks (and kudos) to Emily and Betsy for bringing rad, meaningful, American-proud products into the world.


UP NEXT MONTH ON BRANDL♡VE: Alabama-made organic goodness...


(Want more of Sword & Plough? I thought so. Here's their Kickstarter video!)

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