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February 14, 2014

The first week of February marked our winter #Versalette Challenge -- with 12 lovely participants who wore their Versalette for 5 days, took photos, and shared them on Instagram.

Although I've worn mine A LOT over these last few years, it's always crazy and fun to be inspired over and over by others. SO! We have one big winner (a $100 gift card from and some honorable mentions from the judges panel (who realized that choosing favorites is not an easy job!).




WINNER-BLOG One judge summed up Misty's photos pretty perfectly: "Great use of contrasting color to help make the Versalette pop. She looks like she's loving life in her Versalette, which for me, is what it's all about. :) "

When I contact Misty about her winnings, she sent me this note:
"I have loved the idea of convertible clothing since the versalette 1.0 and the 2.0 grew the interest even more. "My husband is in the Marine Corps and we have five daughters, so you can imagine with moving around and outfitting lots of little people it's important to us to have minimal possessions (we are getting there), so the versalette is a great piece for me and the girls as they grow. It's also important to us to teach the girls about sustainability and responsibility in their choices. They are growing to be the best little bunch of resourceful girls. "We still have eight years left in the USMC, but already throwing around the idea of not settling right away and traveling by RV for a year or so. What an opportunity to open our eyes further before we settle and grow strong roots. And an opportunity to focus and pare down our possessions. Convertible clothing to the rescue! "Thank you for doing what you do. The products are certainly fabulous, but the reasons you make them are even more important. There is a lot to be said for people that do what they love and have an important mission like you do. I am thankful to you (and the judges!) and anxious to replace something in my wardrobe."
Best. Note. Ever.

I also asked the judges to send a few of their favorite looks overall; here are their picks!


You can see a collage of looks here, as well, and submit your own by tagging #Versalette on Instagram, or emailing images to me - kristin (at)!

SEE-EM-ALL HUGE massive thanks to everyone who participated and our three judges, Jessica, Kestrel, and Jackie. Happy weekend!



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