Like a Millenial

March 12, 2014
Some weeks around here are JAM. PACKED.

Photographing products and packaging new items and spending more time on Instagram than people should, because I want to share it all... weeks, I'm either too crazed to be on social media, or what I'm doing is so grotesquely boring that I don't even bother (yes, this is a majority of my time).

Like a true millenial, I feel a little lonely those weeks, bursting at the seams to tell you what's going to happen next and share every exciting thought that crosses my mind. So today, I think I will. I'm working on some boring-as-hell stuff right now that has super exciting implications (!) and I want you to know all about it. 'Cause it's gonna be good for all of us.


1. We're getting waitlists! And possibly a system for pre-orders!

Right now, things launch when they launch. I have no deadlines and no stress about getting a product out on time. I love that. On the flip side, though, you never know what's coming next or when. And a (much) more organized system for pre-ordering or expressing interest in a particular product would be pretty clutch for you. So that's happening, but it'll be a bit of a process. I'm hoping to have a prototype for this up in the next few weeks.

Seamly-Surplus-Fabric2. I'm sourcing different fabrics.

I looooove the soft, smooth fabric that I've been able to order over these last few months. It drapes awesomely and I've only had minor issues in production. But I want to start finding more cotton (and poly) blends, that are super easy to care for and more wrinkle-resistant. Finding good, reliable surplus fabric is a little bit like stumbling upon a rainbow, so this is one of the most tedious things I'm doing right now. Swatches on swatches on swatches.

Striped-Fabric3. Late summer (and fall) designs are in the works!

This is definitely NOT boring, but it's a long process. I have to mull over the whole picture -- what fabric can I find for this? How will it fit with everything else? Over the last few months, I've really dropped off on the voting aspect. It's so tough to collect votes for colors, because sometimes by the time voting is over, we've realized that that fabric won't work, or those colors are no longer available. It's a tough game! But as things start to shape up, I'll be getting votes out again for fall designs.


4. For the first time ever, my financials are in order.

Before January, I had a good idea of my costs... but it wasn't incredibly accurate. And I didn't use margins to determine prices. I used the 'ol, "what sounds reasonable?" which is totally ineffective in a real business. So during some quiet weeks, I've been working with my apprentice Lexx to nail down every single thing. And get our pricing accurate. And ensure that can stick around for awhile. From now on, I'll use a margin to figure out prices on goods. Things like leggings and tees will stay the same, but some of the more complicated pieces (the Reversible Raglan and Jenny Dress, for example) will increase by a little bit ($5-$10). I actually feel really good about this -- because it's a true reflection of what's really going on behind-the-scenes and the incredible amount of work that goes into each piece.


That's far from "it" --  but for now, that's what's on my mind. All good stuff. Not really Instagrammable. But still the most exciting part of my day.

Suggestions? Thoughts on what else we should be doing over here to make more awesome? Email me. Happy Wednesday, Kristin-Signature

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