5 Summery Ways to Wear Your Versalette

5 Summery Ways to Wear Your Versalette

July 24, 2014

A new Versalette Challenge is coming your way!

On July 28th, we'll officially start this summer's contest. So exciting! If you're not sure what a Versalette Challenge is, check out the last two we've done: Summer 2013 and Winter 2014.



I've been thinking about my looks for this one, and figured I'd put a few together as a pre-cursor to the week-long challenge. Just for some inspiration and fun. Lately, I've been more philosophical about getting dressed. It really is a bit of art we all get to create every day; picking and choosing from our closets exactly what we want to wear. No one else gets gets a say; it's totally, 100% our own, personal style that represents the colors and cuts and overall look we resonate with.


That's something I appreciate most in the Versalette -- there's so much creativity to be had in the "getting dressed" process, and I'm always excited to see other people's take on it!

Here's my art for this week:

SEE-HOWCasual-DressNight-OutFrenchCrop-and-SkirtSimple-SleevesI hope you'll join us for the challenge. Details will be posted soon!



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