The Making of the Moto Sweatshirt (PHOTO ESSAY)

The Making of the Moto Sweatshirt (PHOTO ESSAY)

November 14, 2014


It's taken a little longer to start, because I had to return the first set of zippers we received (they were a crazy gold color and the quality wasn't up to snuff.) 

Things have been a bit delayed, but our new zippers (a pewter color) are slowly arriving and the sewing process is gearing up. We're still waiting on pocket zippers, but everything else is ready to go.

I visited the factory earlier this week and captured a bit of the process for our Kickstarter "short film" that will be out in December.

'Til then, here's a photo essay of the process thus far!


First, meet the woman behind the making.

This is Jessica. She works with me on patterns and development, and recently opened a new cut-and-sew shop in Denver called COsewn. This is where the Moto Sweatshirts are being created! Also, she is my hero.


Once the pattern is finalized and we're all ready to cut and sew, Jessica and her team make a "marker" using all of the pattern pieces.

Here's the marker. It's basically a big piece of paper with the pattern pieces drawn on, nested together as closely as possible.

Later, this will be used to cut out each piece of fabric.

Now it's time to lay out the fabric.

Nate and Ashley lay and spread each layer, and inspect each piece as they go.

All done! Now it's time to put the marker on top, and start cutting.

Here's another darkened photo of the marker, so you can see the outlines of each piece that will be cut.

And it begins! Nate is training Ashley for future projects. They cut the sides off first, and then carefully trace around each pattern piece with a big electric knife.

Once the pieces are cut, sewing begins.

Care labels go in first.

The rest of the pieces are bundled and assembled.

(You'll see more in the upcoming video!)


And once they're finished...

We'll let you know, send photos of the final product, and ask for any last-minute changes in your mailing address, size, or color choice. 

Still haven't pre-ordered?




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