LIVE FREE - What's Changing in 2015

LIVE FREE - What's Changing in 2015

February 05, 2015

My resolution for 2015 is to live free. 

From my journal:  

“Realize the freedom I have, in every moment, to choose what is next given the circumstance. I am never without options. This life is beautifully mine because I choose everything: my relationships, my work, my reactions, my thoughts, my fears, my limits.”

A lot of discouraging things have happened in the last few months; most recently, SkyMall (a seller of the Versalette) filed bankruptcy and won’t be paying me for products we sold through them.

I dance with questions like, “Do I have the wherewithal to shoulder this kind of instability?” and,“What do I want from all of this anyway?”

For my finances and my emotions, I’ve really hit the pause button on new projects. As I go through this molting process, which feels half invigorating and half traumatic, I’m freeing myself of this:

My own expectations. is changing, constantly, because I am changing, constantly.

And so, I won’t be producing the spring pieces we voted on last year (which I still adore). Instead, I want to slow down. WAY down.

Aside from replenishing a few things in the shop, I plan to work on only one new piece this year.

One piece that’s multi-functional yet essential. Thoughtful. SLOW. And in alignment with the values of our community.

More on that piece, and that decision, next week. A new direction is starting to form in the scribbles of my notebooks, and it feels good, expansive, and... freeing.

Big hugs to everyone who sent me condolences about SkyMall. Wow! You never fail to impress me with your kindness.


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