12 Ways to Wear the Versalette This Summer

by Kristin Glenn June 01, 2015

It's almost time for another #Versalette Challenge! We've been doing this every summer (and winter!) since launching almost two years ago. This summer's #Versalette Challenge takes place June 10 - 20. During those days, create five looks with your Versalette and use the tag #Versalette to enter. Last entries will be accepted on June 20th at midnight EST. After that, our three judges (you'll meet them soon!) will choose a winner, who'll get a $100 gift card to, plus a few other gifts from friends. Stay tuned on Instagram :)

To celebrate and get inspired this time around, I put together twelve #Versalette looks for summer. I tried to mix in more work-appropriate looks (adding the Stretch Blazer makes that easy) and outfits that can easily be modified for work.

The first time I donned a Versalette was back in 2011. My style (and my lifestyle) has changed a lot in the last four years... I'll admit, I am always surprised with how the Versalette can change with my taste.

The basic Versalette design hasn't changed that much, but how it's accessorized and paired can turn it into a COMPLETELY different garment, every time, every season, every year. The Versalette and I have been on the ultimate roller coaster these last four years, and there's a reason it's still around.

Try as I might to move on, it keeps coming back. It keeps surprising me. It reinvents as I do. It's this oddly magical thing that is so much a part of my life that it would (and will) be WEIRD when someday, it's gone. For now, it continues to push my styling creativity, and gives me a chance to create something completely new every time. 

I hope it can (and does) do the same for you. ♥︎

shop- DSC_9659 DSC_9683 1) Charcoal Versalette dress with drawstrings cinched around the neck // chunky scarf // sandals. 2) Light grey Stretch Blazer // chambray button-down // Navy Versalette as a short, high-waisted skirt.

1 DSC_9709 DSC_9786

1) Black Versalette as a scarf // paired with the Hand-Dyed Maxi // boots. 2) Black Versalette as a halter-style dress // thrifted belt // layered underneath a teal Summer Wrap.

DSC_9746 DSC_9763

1) Black Versalette worn as a long skirt, rouched on both sides with the side drawstrings // fitted tank // black Stretch Blazer. 2) Super casual charcoal Versalette // Skinny Jean

2 DSC_9738 DSC_9623

1) Black Versalette worn as a dress // thick black elastic belt // ivory Summer Wrap // sneakers. 2) Black Versalette worn as a poncho // print crop pants.

3 shop-

Keep an eye on our Instagram for looks from the #Versalette Challenge next week! I'll be re-posting looks and sharing my own. Here we go!



Kristin Glenn
Kristin Glenn


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