Meet the latest #Versalette Challenge Winner!

Meet the latest #Versalette Challenge Winner!

June 25, 2015

For 10 days in June, we hosted a #Versalette Challenge - a contest, complete with a judges panel and grand prize, to show how we wear the #Versalette. In the spirit of creativity and swapping outfit ideas, 15 women joined us, posting 5 different outfit photos in their Versalettes on Instagram. Meet our winner, see our favorites, and hear what the judges had to say!  (Don't know what a Versalette is? Click here.)


This year's judges had a tough time, though I think that's normal for a #Versalette Challenge.  (From a judge: "This was so hard! Sigh.") The photos you posted this year not only upped the ante on creativity, but it was really heartwarming to see you living your life, as normal, in the Versalette. Traveling, going for a hike, at work, the garden store, the beach, just doing what it is that makes everyday life fun and exciting. Doing the challenge together made me appreciate our community even more. Good people living the good life. I love it. Here were my personal favorites this time around! See them all on Instagram.

And the winner is.... STEPAHNIE! @stephania186!

Here are her looks for the week (plus a bonus, though the judges only chose based on 5.)


Stephanie won a $100 gift card from, plus a print from Jenny Highsmith and jewelry from my favorite ever Native Clutter. I told her about her win earlier this week, and asked for a little more info on who she is, how she wears it, and why -- here's what she sent us to share!

I live in Queens, NY with my husband and cat/fur-baby. I came across Seamly.Co when I first started to de-clutter and downsize the amount of "stuff" I owned. My goal was to focus more on quality versus quantity and become a more conscious consumer. I have discovered so many wonderful companies and blogs that have motivated me to take on this less-is-more philosophy, allowing me to devote more time to the things that are important to me-- my health, my relationships and my experiences. It is a process and not something that develops overnight, but little by little I am growing a lot from this lifestyle choice. 
I have a typical 9-5 job working for a small organization, so having one piece that I can dress up or down for work AND play is ideal. Once I discovered the Versalette, I could not get my hands on one fast enough. I can wear it as a long skirt paired with a blazer to work and then quickly adjust it to a short skirt for happy hour or dinner afterwards.  I am also on the petite side, only 5'1", so the ability to control the length and fit of the garmet is a nice feature.  
I have found inspiration for styling my Versalette from the blog, Instagram and even Pinterest. Participating in this challenge encouraged me to try a few new looks that I am really digging! I found if you put your head through one of the Versalette arm holes and cinch the drawstrings to your liking, you have yourself a cool tunic-style top or cover up for the beach! I have also enjoyed wearing it as a tube top for the summer. You follow the same method as the short skirt, only on your upper half. 
AND, FROM THE JUDGES: "I love the way she styled the Versalette to suit so many different aspects of her lifestyle: for work, for the beach, for hanging outside. The Versalette really looks like a different garment in each of her pictures!"  "Every look is so FRESH! I can't even tell she's wearing the same thing over and over."

Sending the biggest thank-you to everyone who took part, put themselves out there in the spirit of creativity, minimalist style, community, and inspiring others. It gives me warm fuzzies.



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