How to Wear the Convertible Pantsuit for Fall

How to Wear the Convertible Pantsuit for Fall

October 21, 2015

Balmy days are behind us, and trees are officially turning colors everywhere. With that, some of you have requested ideas for wearing the Convertible Pantsuit in colder weather!

I think there are really only two ways to go with this — layering with cardigans, blazers, and jackets over top, or wearing the pantsuit simply as pants with your own warm top. I had a chance to put together three quick looks, but you may find the notes / descriptions more helpful for raiding your own closet and coming up with some cool-weather ideas. Here's a little instruction video for basic ways to wear. (PS, we'll be shipping all new orders of the S/M black pantsuit on October 29th — they're all sewn! If you already pre-ordered, yours ships this week.)


Here, I'm wearing the Convertible Pantsuit with a medium-high waist, straps wrapped around my waist and tied off in the front to create a little sash. A cropped sweater (or even a long, boxy sweater) would also be great with this. ANY style of boots works with the wide legs (I tried a few) and I like that the wide legs cover this up. A belt would also be an option to break things up in this outfit (or a big chunky scarf). And, slick leggings (think yoga) are easy to slip on underneath for an extra layer.


I wrapped the top of the pantsuit as conservatively as possible, covering as much skin as I could. For layering, I'm a fan of long and cozy, but I think a shorter blazer, or sweater-cardigan would be good too (and easier for bathroom breaks...). I just tucked the legs into my boots, and next time I'd try more mid-calf height boots with this.



OK, so I was going to call this a "work" look but hey, my shirt is completely see-through and I doubt anyone's heading to work like that. BUT, the idea is that a light-weight blouse or top will be much easier to tuck in, and I like the difference in the loose blouse up top and the fitted waist you can create with the straps, countered again with the wide legs. A light button-down would be really nice here, and darker colors, obviously, might make for a more work appropriate style.  ;)  




As much as I love playing dress-up, I REALLY love seeing photos of you guys wearing your own! You can use the hashtag #seamlygal for Instagram to share, or if you have other ideas and suggestions, e-mail me at hello (at) seamly (dot) co and I'll post to Facebook for everyone else. Happy Fall, friends!




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