Win a $300 Gift for Mindful Mothers

Win a $300 Gift for Mindful Mothers

December 07, 2015



Short and sweet today. After many email exchanges, I finally met Angela Tsai from Mamachic last weekend. She's a former Factory45'er (Shannon's program for USA-made designer/entrepreneurs) and recently had a huge Kickstarter success with her "Mamachic" scarf for moms. We've partnered with a few other mom-friendly brands — Ruth & Ragnar and Vilah Bloom — to create a little holiday giveaway for all the moms out there.

It's super easy to enter!

1. Sign up for our email mailing list below 2. Follow each company’s listed Facebook or Instagram. 3. To increase your chances of winning, share with friends! This option appears after clicking “enter” in the email mailing list signup. 4. Once you see a checkmark next to a step below, you’ve successfully completed that step. Once you have 5 checkmarks, you’ve successfully entered!

This giveaway ends on December 10th, 2015 - we'll ship prizes to the winner after that!


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