What does 'surplus' or 'deadstock' mean?!?


1. Fabric left over from mills and garment factories (pre-consumer waste). 

2. Flawed fabrics. 

[ Big companies won't use a fabric with slight imperfections, so it is thrown away, or sold to other companies (like us!). That's good news, because imperfect can still be beautiful. ]


There are small quantities of deadstock fabric floating around all over the country. Whether it's slightly flawed, or just limited yardage, most big companies won't use deadstock fabric because of the "production headaches." But since we're small, we can work around imperfections, use unwanted fabric, and create some really amazing things. 

Right now, we're working with a USA-based sourcing agent to find American-made fabrics that need a new home. 

And the best part of the process? We get to use what already exists, sprinkle in our imagination, and create something completely unique for women who crave conscientious style. 

If you dig what we do, tell your friends. We want to add more designs, source crazy recycled fabrics, and grow our little team to really shake up this industry. We hate waste and we love American-made! 


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