...is for the woman who stands up for her beliefs. The woman who values honesty, vulnerability, and soul.

Her possessions are few but cherished; her belongings are her stories.

She craves adventure, whether it’s exploring a new neighborhood or a new continent.

Her spirit is curious, and kind. She is a maker -- of art, of food, of a home, of a business.

Movement is a meaningful part of her existence. Nature is, too.

No matter where she is in life, she seeks alignment -- between her beliefs, her actions, her purpose, her purchases.

She is an advocate for positive change. She appreciates realness. She gets it.

And we couldn’t be more grateful to have her as part of our community. 


In everything we do, we honor our responsibility to
produce apparel mindfully, using only surplus fabrics and fabrics made in North America
to sew our garments in Denver, Colorado.
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