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The UTILITY Jacket is a functional, convertible garment that transforms into four garments - a long jacket, short jacket, long vest, or short vest. Hidden zippers and asymmetrical snaps allow for multiple ways to wear. Sewn in Denver, CO with durable, sustainable materials that will biodegrade safely at the end of the its useful life.


ABOUT SEAMLY.CO was founded by Kristin Glenn in 2013, from a personal desire for stylish, functional, and responsibly-made apparel. 

All designs are manufactured in Denver, Colorado, using either surplus fabrics, American-made fabrics, or sustainable fabrics. Designs are sold direct-to-consumer at an affordable price (all styles are under $200, most under $100). 

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Kristin Glenn got her start in the fashion industry in 2010, when she Kickstarted a versatile garment called ‘The Versalette,’ and raised over $64K to produce it in America. She quickly learned the ropes of apparel production, visiting textile mills and garment factories for the first time. “Seeing the process up-close gave me an appreciation for my clothing. Before producing my own apparel, I was a fast-fashion shopaholic,” admits Glenn. The Versalette, now produced by, has been featured in The New York Times,, and the Wall Street Journal as a result of that Kickstarter success.

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This jacket is made with a blend of hemp (55%) and lyocell (45%). (Lyocell is a fabric derived from the pulp of hardwood trees.) It is manufactured in China solely for, and overseen by, Envirotextiles — a woman-owned and family-run company in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The fabric is certified Sustainable Biodegradable Products® — which offers transparency on raw material origins, manufacturing process, and labor conditions. The hemp is grown as a companion crop on small co-op farms, and because of it’s inherent properties, no pesticides are needed or used. Effluent water used in production is contained in a closed-loop profess. Water is solar-heated. Factory workers get five months paid maternity leave, and daycare is provided by the factory. Pay is approxi- mately $700USD per month.

The lining of this jacket is a biodegradable called cupro, made with cotton linter — a fiber that is found around the cotton seed and is usually discarded. Made in Japan, the lining is warm in winter, cool in summer, and wicks moisture to keep you dry.

The jacket will be manufactured at a family-run sew shop in Westminster, Colorado. Seamstresses are paid a living wage.




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