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Company Name:
Location: Denver, CO
Launch Date: June, 2013
Founder: Kristin Glenn



In 2011, alongside my business partner Shannon, I launched a Kickstarter campaign and broke records in the fashion category. Our company, {r}evolution apparel, raised $64,000 to produce a super-versatile garment called "The Versalette." We promised our backers we'd produce it here in the USA with 100% recycled fabric.

So we did. That’s how I (a complete newbie to the industry) ended up at knitting mills and garment factories in North Carolina, watching the manufacturing process for the first time. I saw traditions and skills that have nearly disappeared in this country, and left with an appreciation for how my clothes are made. The experience changed the way I design, shop, and relate to my clothes.

I began thinking,  

What would happen if others had this same opportunity to connect with the clothes they buy?

And that was the beginning.

Launched in June 2013, is bridging the gap between consumers and their clothing. Shoppers can vote on new designs, and follow the winning pieces through sampling, patterning, and production via photos and videos. The goal? To get consumers involved with how their clothes are made, from idea to end product.

Working with a small group of patternmakers, consultants, and a Colorado cut-and-sew team, I use only surplus fabric (discards or excess from American fabric mills and garment factories) to cut down on our environmental impact. We produce both basics (like leggings and t-shirts) and convertible, multi-functional garments. Whatever the people choose, we produce. 

Our hope is to create a place where shoppers can learn, get involved in the process, and proudly share the stories of their clothes.





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